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Welcome to York WebHosting...the premier website design and hosting company from York, PA, dedicated to providing the best in website design and hosting, graphic design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), consulting, and more... Although, we are based in South Central Pennsylvania, we can work with you anywhere in the world.  We would like to invite you to browse our site, view our featured clients and view our web design and hosting pricing.
 Transfer A Current Site for FREE
Transfer your current website for FREE
and get search engine optimization
 New Design and Hosting Package
Initial Setup and Design Fee Dependent on Site Design and Pages
Monthly Fee:  $25.00 / Month
  • Domain Name (www.yourname.com)
  • Your Own EMail Address
  • Original Concept Design
  • York WebHosting is not a large Internet giant and benefits from that. Large Internet giants can lose you in the sea of customers and charge you outrageous prices. Whereas, we keep a close personal relationship with all of our customers to make sure they are as happy with their web hosting solution as possible. Another difference is that the large companies on the web don't usually offer design at a reasonable cost to you, the customer. We do and will continue to keep our prices low.

    One additional reason to use York WebHosting is that, with every website hosted through us, you receive our own SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This code will help you reach the top of the major search engines used by most of the world's population!

    We also handle all of the technical details for you.  Some other companies will expect you to register your domain, point it at their servers and handle all of those technical configurations that you may not feel comfortable performing. With the $25/month, we take care of all of that for you, so you can sit back and feel safe knowing everything is being handled for you.

    Feel free to view our Client List to see our web/graphic design capabilities. And check our our package pricing where we can offer hosting packages as low as $25.00 / month!

    Our specialties include:

    • ASP Script Design (This is very helpful when needing dynamic pages to retrieve information from a database.  It is also very helpful when needing a secure, user based site)
    • Javascript Design (This is a client-side scripting language which allows us to make certain web sessions more enjoyable to the user and much more user friendly)
    • HTML Design (This is the basic webpage design code language)
    • Graphic Design (We can design graphics for your website including custom logos and more)
    • Database Configuration and Management (For our server configuration, we use an MySQL database backend, but we can also work with MSSQL or Access)
    • Keywork Placement for Proper Search Engine Ranking (Search Engines use certain algorhythms to pick which sites appear top on the list when searching for specific keywords.  We have researched these methods extensively and will design your website to best represent your keywords to the search engines for good ranking)
    Connect with York WebHosting on Facebook